Workshop: Introduction to Interaction Design

6:00 - 10:00pm on Friday, February 6 2009 in Four Seasons Hotel

Workshop Fee: $250.00 USD

This half-day seminar will provide a solid background in Interaction Design (IxD) for those who are coming to the practice of IxD from other areas, such as information architecture, software engineering, business analysis, project or product management, technical writing, architecture, industrial design, visual design, and interactive design.

The first part of the workshop will give participants a solid grasp of the history of IxD and the role it plays in the design of digital systems (mostly software). In reviewing the history of IxD, participants will gain an understanding of the foundational elements of interaction design and the language that connects them.

The next part of the workshop will give students one of many frameworks that interaction designers use to guide them towards designing an interactive solution. This framework spans the project lifecycle: from research to ideation, to frameworking and refinement of designs, and then to validation and deliverable documentation.

During the workshop, participants will perform hands-on exercises and engage in facilitated discussion. Throughout the session, resources will be provided to enable participants to continue to learn about the theory and practice of interaction design on their own, and to begin to incorporate its techniques and principles into their work.

David Malouf is currently a Professor of Interaction Design in the Industrial Design Department of the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Before taking this position, David was a Sr. Interaction Design for Motorola Enterprise Mobility where he designed software, webware, and hardware interactions and interfaces. Motorola was the last in a 15 year journey of practicing interaction design, information architecture, ui design, project management and other roles and positions working almsot exclusively with think client technologies.

David is also one of the primary founders and first Vice President of theInteraction Design Association (IxDA). David's passion for evangelizing and teaching interaction design, came to a climax in 2008 when he co-chaired the first Interactions conference, Interaction 08 | Savannah. The overwhelming success of this sold out event has catapulted interaction design and IxDA.

Besides writing for this blog, David has been published online and in print writing on topics related to interaction design. David also teaches workshops on design and is available for hire for these workshops as his schedule permits.

You can find David immersed in the social networking world on Facebook, Twitter,Flickr,, Dopplr, and YouTube. You can follow my escapades with my wife, Theresa, and boy, Caleb.