Deborah A. Rangel posted Installing Clear Lights

One problem that people are having is they buy a nice set of clear lenses for their vehicle and turn around and install cheap looking chrome bulbs for replacement headlights. If you took the time to modify your vehicle, why would you install just any bulbs you can find? The problem is, after you install the mirror bulbs, you will still find a hint of yellow in the bulbs.

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Mikkel Michelsen posted Articles about Interaction '09

Here is one particular article mentioning Interaction 09. Any others?

Yohan Creemers: Johnny Holland: day by day: The Cooper Journal: Major themes Semantic Foundry: blog post with blog posts: http://blo... [read more]

Mon, Mar 9 at 1:30PM (1 comment)

Mehmet Yigit Karakilic posted Microsoft's glimpse of the future

First of, sorry for the spam if anyone is sharing the same group with me in LinkedIn but i thought this something that needs to be seen. Click the link above and read the article first. Then, at the end i highly recommend you to watch the movie (It's really something!). For the movie, you need microsoft silverlight which can be downloaded by just clicking the... [read more]

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Hello all. A number of people who attended my talk at Interaction’09 on Service Design & Usability have requested the slides from my session. If you’d like to view them, you can find them on Ascent’s website at Thank you to everyone at IxDA for a great conference! Paul A. Joo Managing Director Ascent Group

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Nasir Barday posted Slides for Interaction09 Site

Hi there, I'm managing post-production for our conference videos, slated for a rollout that will begin on Feburary 23rd. If you spoke at the conference, please send your slides to The videos will have the slides full frame as much as possible, but we've had some requests for the slide decks themselves. Thanks! - Nasir

Nasir Barday: We'll be posting these to our media libary, which will likely have its own subsite off of - N
Dante Murphy: Is there a way our slides can be presented with the notes? Mine makes a lot more sense that way. Otherwise, it looks like an old REM video.
Tonia M. Bartz: And what is wrong with an old REM video? :-) I'm anxious to get all the slides as I am starting to work on my "de-briefing." Thanks to everyone working on this effort!

Wed, Feb 18 at 1:22PM (8 comments)

Jon Kolko posted Slides from my talk

Hi, Several people asked for the slides from my talk. Please find them at Thanks for a great conference! Jon

Josh Damon Williams: Thanks for posting these! I was in the back, and couldn't read squat. And I was actually squatting. Go figure. Give Rob Stokes a tummy rub for me. - Josh Williams

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Greg Petroff posted Thanks!

Hey, Thanks to all of you who made the conference so amazing! It was great..... Lots of post conference buz at: [read more]

Mehmet Yigit Karakilic: Thanks to you for the great organization and everything! ;)

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Daniel Jaeger posted CooperU Alumni?

Did you take a workshop at Cooper? I'd love to hear from you. I went through the first 3 and would love to see what your experience is taking what you learned back to your organization.

Angel Anderson: I've taken all but the latest course from Cooper and my experience was fantastic. The 1xD Practicum and Communicating Design especially helped me connect the dots from research to launch and all the stuff in between. It's really shaped my practice in... [read more]

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Nasir Barday posted Interaction 09 Karaoke

Some videos of Interaction 09 Karaoke, in case you missed them on the big screen:

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Daniel Jaeger posted UX quotes from non designers

I'm finding in communicating the value of design to stakeholders, it helps quoting people that they tend to look up to. Two I've found / used: "The purpose of a business is to create a customer" - Peter F. Drucker “Every interaction, every contact with our products should be a pleasant experience” – Warren Buffet If you know of any I'd love to see them here. Thx :)

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A big THANKS to the organizers and the board of IxDA for making this conference a very positive one! It's been a great opportunity to make many connections with people in this field and look forward to future events!

Gustavo Gawryszewski: Same here! I am really happy that i could make part of that. I was so good to meet all of you guys!
Laurie Lamar: Thanks to both the public and behind-the-scenes volunteers for all your hard work!
Pedro ADLER Jorge: Thumbs up! well done!! let me know, when any of you passes by Hong Kong.

Mon, Feb 9 at 8:11PM (5 comments)

Cindy Chastain posted Storytelling and UX

Hey all, Have a an interest in the concept of the design narrative, how nuts and bolts methods for telling stories can be used in design, or how to expand the knowledge base, understanding and practice related to stories among UX professionals? We're hoping to gather for a lunch-time discussion of this much under-explored subject. If you're game, post a comment here and we'll find a time and a place... Cheers, Cindy

Pedro ADLER Jorge: lunch meeting set up? I don't have an iPhone or laptop with me during the day so I hope I'll find you tomorrow :)
Cindy Chastain: Hello All, So, it looks like we'll be gathering in a special room up on the third floor. Feel free to grab a plate from the buffet, then head to the Montague room. I'll put a sign up near the door. Looking forward to it! Cheers, Cindy
Pedro ADLER Jorge: great! thanks for the info. meet at Montague.

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Tori Breitling posted Cab share to airport early tomorrow?

Anyone want to share a cab ride to the airport tomorrow at 6:15am? Email me, please:

Sun, Feb 8 at 7:12AM (0 comments)

With the conference being sponsored by Simon Fraser University, I'm anticipating a fair representation of past and current students in attendance. I think it would be great to get these people together and catch up on what we've been doing or what we plan to do after school. Or if you're not a student and you're interested in what SFU's programs have to offer, come with us and talk to the people who have been there! If you're interested in meetin... [read more]

Adrian Chong: I'm in!
Jenny Thai: i would be interested
Andrew Nip: Count me in!

Sat, Feb 7 at 11:45PM (3 comments)

That is all. :) See you around!

Elizabeth Bacon: Hey, this is fixed now. No worries! :)

Sat, Feb 7 at 9:50PM (1 comment)

Greg Petroff posted visaulization and analytics apps

Hey if your here and you are working on analytics applications want to talk shop? -Greg

Engin Erdogan: yes, let's chat. i am interested in surfacing meaning in analytics, and making it less intimidating to wider audiences.
matey: Hey, I will like to hear your views on this subject. We have an app that rivals Tableau and visikio. Company is Visual

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Michelle Balatico-Hayes posted Calling all winners come to the Microsoft Booth

Pick up your wonderful prize! Jeanette Bautista Julianna Lu Sharon Huber Hector Ouilet Derek Chan Yosuke Shinto Andrew Nip Arash Shiva Final raffle for a Zune and some other fun stuff on Sunday @ 10am!

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Michelle Balatico-Hayes posted Winners @ IXDA

Congratulations! Come by the Microsoft Booth to get your fabulous Prizes! Julianna Lu Gustavo Gawryszewski Jeanette Bautista Fritz Boyle Leon Vymenets

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Dmitry Nekrasovski posted Enterprise software IxDs

It looks like there are a few people attending who are working on enterprise software. Anyone interested in getting together at some point to share experiences, stories, etc. over a coffee?

Dmitry Nekrasovski: Great! I'm thinking this might actually work best over lunch. Any preferences for either Saturday or Sunday?
Michael T Pullen: I would love to participate. I would prefer Saturday since there is something on Storytelling on Sunday.
Dmitry Nekrasovski: Sounds good. Looking forward to talking to everyone on Saturday!

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Victor Lombardi posted New video on carousels

Hi all -- In celebration of the beginning of the Interaction09 conference I'm posting our new Smart Pill video on Carousels for free this week. If you would like to buy a DRM-free Quicktime version of it, it's only $3. Go to

Dan Willis: Nice work, Victor. -dan
Victor Lombardi: Thanks Dan! Man, I'd love to hear you do one of these, you'd be a natural.

Fri, Feb 6 at 11:00AM (2 comments)

john thackara posted Dani ichat

Am I alone in thinking ichatters, skypers etc should think artfully about lighting their faces? and about designing the backdrop? Anyone know of good examples of individuals doing this well?

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Tonia M. Bartz posted Mmm Coffee

The concierge on duty at my hotel is a huge coffee buff and I've been given some great places to go. Anyone interested in trying one out with me tomorrow morning (and the next day. . . and the next day)?

Julie Oya: Vancouver's a pretty sprawling little city with some of the hipper hoods outside of the DT area. If anyone's interested in venturing out to Commercial Drive or Main Street for eats, drinks or coffee, I'm down.
Tonia M. Bartz: I'd be up for a venture some morning :)
jeepu: Here're some of my fav: 49th Parallel Wicked Cafe JJ Bean Elysian Room Agro Cafe in Granville Island :-)

Fri, Feb 6 at 12:57AM (7 comments)

A few of us will be on tonight's flight from JFK to YVR. If you see some nerdy-but-hip designer types hanging around, be sure to introduce yourself!

Jerome: How was the flight? Welcome to Vancouver.

Thu, Feb 5 at 9:53PM (1 comment)

Dan Willis posted Rude Interviews

In preparation for a presentation at this year's IA Summit, I'm looking to interview IxDA Interaction 09ers. The topic is using culturally inappropriate tactics in order to get functionally appropriate results. If you've either done it to others or had it done to you, I wanna get your story on tape. If you're interested, look for me at the conference, or after my Sat. 2:15 session, or give me a call over here at the Hotel Vancouver.

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Josh Lamb posted Surface Table Technology!

Come check out Manifest Digital's Surface Table in Le Pavilion. We will be demonstrating two new applications that we developed specifically for this conference. Don't forget your badges, you'll need them for the full featured interactive!

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I intended to stay at a Best Western hotel for the conference, but due to circumstances best explained over a drink, am now at the Holiday Inn downtown. However, I have $400CDN worth of Best Western cards acquired through the AirMiles program that I cannot now use and cannot return. I will sell them for $90 on the $100 (or best offer). The cards do not have the value printed on them so I would be happy to find ways to ensure that they redeem ok f... [read more]

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David Malouf posted Thursday Travelers - Meet ups?

I thought this might be a good way to coordinate meet-ups at airports or for travel to Vancouver. I doubt anyone is leaving from Savannah tomorrow, but I'll be at ORD tomorrow at 8:20 - 9:48. I'm on UNITED flight 1127 leaving at 9:48a. Anyone else on that flight? I'm arriving at YVR @ 12:30p if anyone wants to catch a cab. I'm going to the Fairmont, but the 4Seasons is right across the way.

Simon King: I wish I was leaving that early. I'm flying out of ORD at 8:07PM on United 1141, which arrives at 10:44 PM in Vancouver. Anyone else on that flight? Want to split a cab into the city?
Michael T Pullen: I am arriving at YVR from Toronto on Thursday at 7:27PM (Air Canada). If you would like to share a ride, I will be wearing a brown winter jacket and a light blue yarmulke (a visual target for finding me in the crowd ;>)

Thu, Feb 5 at 5:55AM (2 comments)

Michelle Balatico-Hayes posted Hiring

Come learn about the exciting UX Design opportunities at Microsoft! Swing by our booth Feb 6-8 at Le Pavillon, Four Seasons. Team members from various parts of our organization would like to meet you! Here are a few of our openings: UX Leads, UX Designers, Sr. UX Designers, Researcher, Prototyper, Executive Producer Bring your business card for a raffle to win a Zune!

Wed, Feb 4 at 9:21PM (0 comments)

So I just wanted to mention that my talk ("How to Build Your First Spime Management System," Sat. 2:15) will feature both silly drawings and ridiculous Keynote transitions. You have been warned. Pretty please with sugar see to jump start your expectations ...

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Davis Neable posted IBM in da IxDA house?

Hey there - just wanted to see if anyone else from IBM is planning to attend this conference?

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